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Who is Accepted at Libra House

Libra House provides temporary housing (and related supports and services) at our shelter to women who are experiencing any form of violence or who are in crisis and at risk of violence. A woman's minor children (up to age 18 if attending high school) may accompany her.

Transgender individuals who present and identify as female are eligible for admission.

Efforts will be made to support all women seeking our services. If admission is not possible (shelter is full, caller has needs we are unable to meet, etc.) staff will take every measure to ensure the caller's safety through referrals and/or contact with other agencies such as Advanced Education, Skills and Labour or the RCMP.

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Things to Bring to Libra House, if Possible:

Depending on a woman's situation, she may have to leave her home to come to Libra House quickly for her own safety and for the safety of her children. In an immediate high-risk situation it may not be possible to gather the necessary items she may want. However, if time and planning permits, here are suggested items that a woman should bring to Libra House:

  • Medications (for yourself and your children)
  • Eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and any other medical device
  • MCP, Social Insurance Number, Driver's License
  • Nunatsiavut, NunatuKavut or Innu Nation cards
  • Clothing
  • Cell phone
  • Purse or wallet
  • Security items for the children (toy, blanket, pacifier, etc.)
  • Legal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificate, insurance papers, court orders, custody papers, etc.)
  • Financial papers (debit card, credit cards, bank statements, etc.)
  • Public health records (children's vaccine records)
  • Immigration papers, work permits, passports

Don't worry if you are unable to gather all of the things that you would like to before coming to Libra House. You can come to Libra House in a crisis and Staff will help figure out what may be required to get what you need once you are safe.


If You Have Pets

When you need a safe place, you don't have to leave your pet behind. Libra House has the ability to accommodate pets by providing offsite housing for them such as through a foster program or a boarding facility.